The 10 Principles Of Self Made Billionaires

Billionaires have something most of us don’t. But that’s only because we haven’t learned it yet. I’ve spent a significant amount of time studying billionaires. I’ve studied them extensively, and here’s what I’ve discovered: Billionaires are billionaires because they all follow a set of unique perspectives, or principles, that help

The SADDEST Story Ever Told In Hollywood – Sylvester Stallone (Rambo)

This is one of the SADDEST stories ever told in Hollywood. His name is Sylvester Stallone. One of the BIGGEST and Most famous American Movie superstars. Back in the day, Stallone was a struggling actor in every definition. At some point, he got so broke that he stole his wife’s jewellery and

17 Reasons why Some People are not Successful. Numbers 4 & 16 are must read.

Mark Zukerberg invited 5 people to his Harvard dorm room 12 years ago to discuss a business opportunity – “Facebook”. Only 2 people showed up and they got in. Today, those two people are billionaires: Dustin Moskovitz ($10.7 Billion) and Eduardo Saverin ($7.4 Billion). I wonder what it is like

This Is How Social Media Platforms Are Creating Opportunities Than The Government

We chat on Facebook,Instagram, whatsapp, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, badoo, eskimi, waplog, Twoo, palm chat and other Social media platforms communicating daily with thousands of people whom we know and others we don’t simply because: we want to pass time make new friends avoid being idle and others because it’s a

Shantell Does This To Make Ksh 6,700 Weekly Without Interfering With Her Job & Studies.

A few months ago, social media brought us together just like you may have met someone you never knew before. This time it wasn’t the normal things people do like idling,gossiping nor falling in love with each other and breaking up before meeting, this was a business oriented meeting. Despite